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  • Juliet, Naked
  • Grace Jones: Bloodlight and Bami
  • Whitney
  • Den Skyldige
  • L' Atelier
  • The Man Who Killed Don Quixote
  • The Road to Mandalay
  • The Happy Prince
  • Que Dios Nos Perdone
  • Klanken van Oorsprong

Welcome to Cinecitta Willem II straat 29, Tilburg


  • Events

    Wed August 22nd 7:00 pm
    Summer classic

    Sat August 25th 8:45 pm
    Prepremiere BlackKklansman

    Wed August 29th 7:00 pm
    Summer classic

    Thu August 30th 5:30 pm
    Asian tasting

    Tue Sept 4th, 19:30
    Filmsalon de Ontmoeting: Pride

    Sat Sept 20th, 16:00
    De Fietser + Dutch Weedburger

    Thu Sept 28th, 11:00 am
    Film club Cinecitta

  • Filmsalon De Ontmoeting

    On Tuesday September 4th, we will screen the first film of a cyclus of six.


  • Juliet, Naked

    From August 16th onwards we screen the film Juliet, Naked.