Cinecitta presents film classics with experience

Every month Cinecitta organizes film specials completely decorated in the style of a film classic. You order a ticket, we provide a matching snack and drink and create a total experience from the film. So far we have already shown some beautiful film classics. At the bottom of this page you will find an impression of these editions.

Memento | Thursday September 28 | Walk-in 8.15 pm | 21:15 Start introduction & film

Ingeniously constructed, backwards-told film puzzle about loss, revenge and memory.

Every person is a bundle of memories, which largely determine his actions in the present. But where do you derive your identity when your brain is severely damaged and you can’t remember things for more than fifteen minutes? That fascinating question is what Memento is all about.

Young insurance salesman Leonard (Guy Pearce) has suffered severe trauma and damaged short-term memory from the murder of his wife, but is determined to find the culprit. To do this, he should write down important information as quickly as possible and take pictures of people he thinks have something to do with the case. In short, he derives his identity only from his actions, not from his memories. That is a terrible fate, which he tries to deny, traveling from hotel to hotel, seeking revenge.

In 2000, Memento marked the big breakthrough of director Christopher Nolan (Inception, Oppenheimer). The film was nominated for both the Golden Globe and the Oscar for Best Screenplay.

Memento has an 8.4 rating on IMDB, placing it at number 56 on the list of greatest movies ever made.

Introduction by film scientist Rudi de Boer

Prior to the screening of Memento, film scientist Rudi de Boer will talk about director Christopher Nolan, using image fragments, because what makes him so good/genius? De Boer will also talk about what makes Memento so unique and about the power of films that play with chronology and story structures.

Thursday 28th of september


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