Diversiteit & Film: Moonlight | Woensdag 17 mei | 20:30 uur

Movies are for everyone! That is why Cinecitta will have a film screening every month in which diversity and inclusion are central. During our film series Diversity & Film, films will be shown that make you think, break taboos, create awareness and highlight friction points in society. On May 17, three-time Oscar winner Moonlight will be screened.

Moonlight is the first film to win the Oscar for best picture with the theme of coming out. The film focuses on three chapters: the youth, adolescence and adulthood of an African-American man who tries to survive in the turbulent city of Miami. He is bullied at school and life is hard for him at home. He tries to discover himself and find love despite his struggles with his background and sexuality.

Moonlight won a total of three Oscars: Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Supporting Actor (Mahershala Ali) and Best Picture.

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