The movie

013 CIFF ’20 | The Woman Who Ran

This droll comedic drama has Gamhee visiting with three female friends in Seoul while her husband is away. The subject under discussion? Men, of course...

Length: 77 min
Country: South Korea
Language spoken: Korean
Language subtitles: English
Cast: Kim Minhee, Seo Younghwa, Song Seonmi, Saebyuk, Lee Eunmi
Director: Hong Sangsoo
Release date: 2020


Winner of the Best Director Silver Bear at this year’s Berlin International Film Festival, Korean master Hong Sangsoo’s delightfully droll new comedic-drama features his usual lead actress, Kim Minhee, in a tripartite tale that has Kim’s Gamhee separately visiting with three female friends in Seoul while her husband, who hasn’t left her side in their five years of marriage, is away on business. Each visit—two of them arranged, one by chance—is interrupted by a decidedly annoying male. Out of this simple premise, Hong fashions a layered, perceptive, and funny account of intelligent women and the frequently ridiculous behaviour they must put up with from the men in their lives…

‘"The Woman Who Ran" is charming from beginning to end, evoking the delicious, tickling breeze found in the everyday tales of Eric Rohmer… It is enchanting to spend time in this atmosphere of lilting camaraderie and female friendship.’—Sophie Monks Kaufman, Little White Lies