The movie

013CIFF21 Moon, 66 Questions

Length: 108 min
Country: Frankrijk, Griekenland
Language spoken: Grieks
Language subtitles: Engels
Director: Jacqueline Lentzou
Release date: 2021


DUTCH PREMIÈRE At heart, this is a visually daring and beautifully acted story of rapprochement. After a long time away, disaffected twenty-something daughter Artemis (Sofia Kokkali, a star in the making) returns to her suburban Athens family home to care, alone, for her divorced father Paris (Lazaros Georgakopoulos). Felled by a mysterious disease - he had gone missing and was found near dead, almost paralysed, and severely dehydrated - Paris is aloof, angry, incommunicative, almost immobile, and given to severe shaking. They have a tough row to hoe… Debuting director Jacqueline Lentzou takes a collage-like approach to her subject that is perfectly suited to the buried secrets and jagged emotions revealed along the way. Intriguing, unconventional… playful and idiosyncratic in approach… In the central role, Kokkali is a mercurial and fascinating presence… Equally articulate is the way the lens explores the charged space between father and daughter…’ — Wendy Ide, Screen