The movie

A Chat

Length: 113 min
Country: China
Language spoken: Mandarijn
Language subtitles: Nederlands, Engels
Cast: Ying Ze, Mu Ruini, Xu Tao, Yao Bolan, Hou Yisong
Director: Wang Xide
Release date: 2021


Gu Qing, a tailor in her 30s, lives a mundane life until her niece, Sun Yue, comes from afar and starts to learn tailoring from her. But Sun Yue also has other motives—she’s there to see the boy with whom she lived a three-month love story before he had to leave to work on a film shoot…

First-time director Wang Xide, shooting in gorgeous black and white, gives us three generations of women coping with loss and trying to reconcile with themselves and each other. In doing so, Wang has fashioned the kind of slow cinema that really works: this a film where very little ostensibly goes on, but all of life is revealed. The confidence the director shows in building this world and allowing the editing rhythms to take control of the audience makes for an absolutely lovely work. To top it all off, the soundtrack is fantastic, and there are moments of slyly understated humour. A quiet gift, the film won the Best Film prize at the Chongqing Youth Film Festival.