The movie

El perro que no calla

A melancholy, mystical and very funny film about a tender man who makes everyday decisions with life-defining consequences. Or how epic and absurd an ordinary human life really is.

Length: 73 min
Country: Argentinië
Language spoken: Spanish
Language subtitles: Dutch
Cast: Daniel Katz, Carlos Portaluppi, Facundo Gambandé, Julieta Zylberberg, Mirella Pascual, Valeria Lois, Hernán Herrera Nóbile
Director: Anna Katz
Release date: 2020


His neighbours are at the end of their tether. Every time Sebastián is away from home, his dog howls fit to break your heart. So should he take the lonely mutt with him to the office? Sebastián’s employer won’t hear of it. And giving up his work is not an option, even if it isn’t exactly making this thirty-something’s life any easier.