The movie


“Land” is a solid and timely film. Celebrating themes of redemption and human resilience, it captures the essence of the moment with no frills or fanfare.’—Gemma Creagh, Film Ireland

Length: 90 min
Country: Verenigde Staten
Language spoken: English
Language subtitles: Dutch
Cast: Robin Wright, Demián Bichir, Kim Dickens, Sarah Dawn Pledge
Director: Robin Wright
Release date: 2021


The directing debut of acclaimed actress Robin Wright (‘House of Cards’), ‘Land’ is a gripping story about a woman searching for meaning in her life—and doing so against the vast and unforgiving wilderness of Wyoming’s Rocky Mountains. In the wake of a tragic event that has left her mired in grief, Edee (Wright), retreats from the world and sets herself up in an isolated cabin. Completely unprepared—she can’t hunt or chop wood or even read a compass—things don’t go well. After a local hunter (Demián Bichir) saves her from what surely would have been death, she becomes determined to find a way to get her life back on track… As one might expect, this is an actor’s film and Wright and Bichir (‘The Hateful Eight’, ‘Alien: Covenant’) slip into their roles as if they were made for them.