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Queer Cinema: Laurence Anyways (ENG SUBS)

In collaboration with queer collective Second House of Whom (S.H.O.W.), we are introducing a new event in Tilburg: Queer Cinema. During this first edition, we will screen the colourful LAURENCE ANYWAYS, by Canadian director Xavier Dolan.

Length: 168 min
Country: Canada
Language spoken: Frans
Language subtitles: English
Cast: Suzanne Clément, Melvil Poupaud, Nathalie Baye
Director: Xavier Dolan
Release date: 2012


This first edition of Queer Cinema is dedicated to the film LAURENCE ANYWAYS; an epic love story that shows the viewer the power of love through overwhelming images, costumes and a fantastic soundtrack. The 23-year-old Xavier Dolan (LES AMOURS IMAGINAIRES) - the Canadian answer to Pedro Almodóvar and François Ozon - turned every scene into a dazzling work of art.

We follow Laurence and his girlfriend Fred. They are not just in love; they are soulmates. When they celebrate Laurence's 30th birthday, Laurence makes a confession that turns their lives completely upside down. Together, Laurence and Fred embark on a stormy journey that will bring them closer to themselves and to each other.

LAURENCE ANYWAYS was received with a standing ovation at the Cannes Film Festival and won several awards (including the Best Actress award). The film has been hailed as a masterpiece worldwide.


The Hollywood Reporter
"Dolan excels as a visual stylist, framing almost every shot like a classic modern art canvas. Rain-slicked streets pulse with hot-pink nightclub neon. Clothes rain from the sky in slow-motion Pop Art blizzards. Every lavish costume and opulent interior appears art-directed to painstaking perfection. Laurence Anyways is perfectly enjoyable as an immersive orgy of pure sensory pleasure. Plus, of course, everybody has fantastic hair.”