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Gay Film Special: Greta | 29 April


Cinecitta shows a new LGBTQIA+ film six times a year

Greta | 29 April

Country: Brazil
Length: 97 min.
Director: Armando Praça
Cast: Marco Nanini, Denise Weinberg, Demick Lopes, Gretta Sttar, Robério Diógenes
Language: Portuguese, Dutch subtitles
Genre: Drama, LGBTQIA+


Pedro (Marco Nanini) is a gay, 70-year-old nurse in an overcrowded hospital in Fortaleza, Brazil. When his transgender friend Daniela (Denise Weinberg) becomes desperately ill, Pedro scrambles to find her a bed. His solution? To surreptitiously take wounded young Jean (Demick Lopes), who is under police guard on suspicion of murder, to his home, in order to free up a bed for Daniela… Armando Praça’s directorial debut is a moving and quietly powerful ode to friendship, inclusiveness, and human dignity that is made all the more urgent given the slide into fascism his country is now enduring.

‘Restrained yet impactful… Looking at marginalization through several lenses—including age, sexuality, gender and criminal life—this is a thematically ambitious but narratively very intimate and compassionate story of human relationships. The fact that, despite its wide-ranging concerns, it always feels so modest is… a major feat of screenwriting… Though the pic was no doubt conceived before the recent election of far right and vehemently anti-LGBTQ president Jair Bolsonaro, it does now play like a daring act of commanding the spotlight for these stories from the margins of Brazilian society.’—Boyd van Hoeij, Hollywood Reporter


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