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About this movie

Monsters. (as the film is known in English, complete with that period at the end) is broken into three sections: part one focuses on wife Dana (Judith State), as she stakes-out an apartment; part two gives us Dana’s husband, Andrei (Cristian Popa), a closeted bisexual whose secret Dana is in the process of uncovering; part three shows the couple together coping with the aftermath. What that brief plot description leaves out is the powerful emotions that run deep throughout director Marius Olteanu’s striking first feature. The truth is that Dana and Andrei still love each other, despite their differences. In the hands of a lesser director, this could devolve into kitschy melodrama, but Olteanu never lets things descend to that level—he has fashioned an intelligent, empathetic movie that speaks volumes about the way we love now.

‘Monsters. is a remarkable debut—wise, compassionate, surprising… The actors are superb, right down to the way their bodies seem familiarly in sync with each other even if there is no physical attraction between their characters anymore… The universality of its pinprick-accurate emotions means that while, as with most new Romanian cinema, there is an element of social critique, it has insight and compassion that is applicable even in more politically progressive environments — anywhere people are together but apart.’—Jessica Kiang, Variety

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