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About this movie

Based on the true story that pitted lawyer Robert Billott (Mark Ruffalo, who also shepherded this movie into production) and his everyman clients in West Virginia against the mighty DuPont chemical corporation—which was guilty of poisoning the groundwater while producing its trademark Teflon—this change-of-pace drama from art film darling Todd Haynes is a must-see for anyone concerned about corporate control and the future of the planet. As Billott fights the good fight, we are taken through an ominous series of courtroom confrontations and painstakingly marshalled evidence that is sure to scare the pants off most thinking individuals…

‘It seems odd at first that Todd Haynes, the artful creator of such classic queer cinema as Far From Heaven, Velvet Goldmine and Carol, would be drawn to such a just-the-facts legal barnburner like Dark Waters. But the filmmaker approaches the whistleblower genre… and applies his usual keen eye for how injustice eats away at character… What makes it a Haynes film, besides the evocative camera genius of Haynes regular Ed Lachman, is something intangible and mysterious. The director’s admirers will think immediately of Safe, the 1995 indie classic starring Julianne Moore as a wife and mother who thinks she’s being poisoned by something unidentifiable in the environment. That feeling of dread pervades throughout, and deepens the film’s scarily timely themes beyond the usual demands of docudrama…’—Peter Travers, Rolling Stone

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