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About this movie

Winner of Best Non-Fiction Feature at the 2019 New York Film Critics Circle Awards, Ljubomir Stefanov and Tamara Kotsevska’s quietly moving and revelatory documentary follows the life of Hatidze Muratova, a middle-aged beekeeper living with her aged and ill mother, Nazife, in a mountainous area of Macedonia. Hatidze is a careful and caring person who tends to her hives with love—‘Half for me and half for you’, she says to her bees as she harvests the honey that provides her with the meagre income she needs to care for herself and her mother. Then the Sam family moves to a house nearby, and patriarch Hussein Sam threatens Hatidze’s age-old lifestyle in an effort to extract more cash from the bees…

‘A Macedonian bee-keeper may not be the documentary subject you think you need in your life, but this gorgeous and closely observed film makes the case that it is. Playing more like a particularly thoughtful indie drama than the usual carefully narrated documentary, it’s the story of a vanishing way of life, in a forgotten corner of Europe, but also a character study of extraordinary intimacy and feeling… The filmmakers spent years with their fascinating, complicated heroine and let their images speak for themselves: there are no caption cards here, no narration, just Hatidze’s endlessly expressive face. But the time they lavished on her, and the care and attention they gave to the edit, pays off in intimate storytelling and stunning cinematography.’—Helen O’Hara, Empire

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