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Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far on Foot


This film will be screened on:

Sun Jun 24-06
Mon Jun 25-06
Tue Jun 26-06
Wed Jun 27-06

About this movie

Gus Van Sant's best film in years tells the redemption story of famous American cartoonist John Callahan (captured perfectly by an amazing Joaquin Phoenix), a man whose idiosyncratic cartoons were often as dark as the life he pursued prior to discovering his calling. A fall-down drunk whose alcoholism led to the car accident that made him a near-quadriplegic (he retained the use of one arm), Callahan faced an immense uphill battle to overcome his addiction and grow to accept his new life. This he did by channelling his caustic worldview into cartoonsmany featuring physically challenged charactersthat were decidedly non-p.c., but darkly funny nonetheless. Van Sant gives Phoenix and an equally fine supporting cast, which includes an excellent Jonah Hill as Callahan's hippie AA sponsor and Jack Black as a hell-raiser, all the room they need to let their acting chops shine, and the result is one of the best biopics to come along in years.

'A return for Gus Van Sant to the loose-limbed chronicles of outsider existences in Portland, Oregon, that first put him on the map, like Mala Noche and Drugstore Cowboy, this.. consistently enjoyable portrait.. is notable for its generosity of spirit and gentleness.. In a terrific performance that encompasses countless attitudinal, emotional and physical shifts, Joaquin Phoenix eases into the lead role with equal parts raw pain, ironic humour and eventual mellow acceptance.'David Rooney, Hollywood Reporter