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Beautiful Boy

The Best of IDFA on tour 2018 - 2019

This film will be screened on:

Mon Jan 21-01
Tue Jan 22-01
Wed Jan 23-01
Thu Jan 24-01
Fri Jan 25-01
Sat Jan 26-01
Mon Jan 28-01
Tue Jan 29-01
Wed Jan 30-01

About this movie

Flemish filmmaker Felix van Groeningen’s (The Broken Circle Breakdown) first English-language drama is a ‘based-on-real-life’ tale featuring riveting turns from Steve Carell as journalist David Sheff and Timothée Chalamet as his son Nic, a meth addict slowly but surely destroying his young life. Sheff the elder does everything he can to understand what his son is going through—he even takes meth himself in an attempt to comprehend the drug’s hold on his son—and to help him break his addiction, but it all seems for nought as his son slides further and further down his black hole… Van Groeningen pulls no punches in his depiction of the devastating effects of addiction on both addicts and their families, and he elicits spectacular performances from Carell and Chalamet in the process. This is a tough, honest film you will not easily forget.

‘Strong, committed performances and the upsetting ring of reality anchor a highly-personal film which cycles through addiction, relapse and rehab in an episodic way, each high as inevitable as the low which follows… Chalamet is elusively liquid in the role of a child who sabotages his life without ever really being able to express why.’—Fionnuala Halligan, Screen

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