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Willem II straat 29, 5038 BA Tilburg

About this movie

Free-spirited shepherd Stijn has been guiding flocks of sheep in the Brabant region of the Netherlands (of which Tilburg—and, of course, Cinecitta—are a part) for many years. Director Ton van Zantvoort movingly chronicles Stijn’s struggles with his ideals: can he continue to graze his flock in the traditional way, or, in the face of competition from industry, does he have to adapt to a new reality?
Stijn has seemingly always roamed the heathland with his flock and has lived an honest, sustainable life with his wife and two children. Stijn, a romantic and an idealist, is one of the last of his breed, but the life of a modern shepherd is made increasingly difficult when heath areas are being encircled by industry and industrial estates. As his ideals continue to clash with the harsh reality of the modern entrepreneur, he and his family are faced with the supreme choice: do they keep up the battle against the system or do they walk away with the herd and put aside a lifelong vocation?

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