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About this movie

Two icons of the British stage and screen—Dame Helen Mirren (Prime Suspect) and Sir Ian McKellen (Lord of the Rings), she a Best Actress Oscar® winner for The Queen and he a two-time Best Actor nominee—team up for the first time in Bill Condon’s (Kinsey, Gods and Monsters) sly thriller. McKellen is professional con artist Roy Courtnay, who has a new target in mind: Betty McLeish (Mirren), a widow worth millions. As he sets out to take everything away from her, the two begin to grow closer, and a simple scam turns into a perilous game of cat and mouse—but who exactly is the cat and who is the mouse…? The pleasures here are many—not least among them a supporting cast that includes Downton Abbey’s Jim Carter and Years and Years’ Russell Tovey—but it’s the joy derived from watching two of cinema’s greatest actors spark off one another that makes this a must-see.

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