Queer Cinema: Indianara (English subs)


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Queer Cinema: Indianara (English subs)

Bigger-than-life revolutionary, Indianara and her group lead a fight for the survival of transgender people in Brazil.

Tijd: 84 min
Land: Brazilië
Taal: Portuguese
Ondertiteling: English
Cast: Indianara Siqueira, Wescla Vasconcelos, Biancka Fernandes
Regisseur: Aude Chevalier-Beaumel, Marcelo Barbosa
Release Date: 2019


Named after the first name of a trans woman and activist, Indianara shows us the struggle against oppression and contempt. This ceaseless effort is led by a Brazilian transgender community, with outrage, unwavering love and perseverance as weapons. A film in which intimacy takes precedence over political action. ''Where our freedom is threatened, we tap deeper into our differences and find the strength to form a common ideal.''


In The Seats
"In depicting these few years in Indianara’s life, there are practically no interviews nor narration. But this documentary is one of those examples that eventually shows its viewers the big picture. That approach makes its depiction of Brazil’s swing to far right politics all the more heartbreaking. The camera here closes up on her both on her joy and ultimate disappointment. The documentary, as a whole, hopes that she hangs on and fights for everyone.”