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Every month, Cinecitta presents Docucumentary Tuesday. Come and see deep, sensational, controversial, but ultimately interesting documentaries.


Christo: Walking on Water   tickets
28th May, 7:00 pm

Conceptual artist Christo (soon to be 84 years old) and his late wife and collaborator Jeanne-Claude first gained international notoriety when they wrapped the Pont Neuf bridge in Paris in a sandstone-coloured polyamide material in 1985, and their fame skyrocketed with the couple’s wrapping of Berlin’s Reichstag in 1995. For his first solo project after his wife’s death, Christo returned to an idea first conceived of in 1970. In 2016, on Italy’s Lake Iseo, Christo constructed The Floating Piers, three kilometres of floating cubes covered in bright yellow fabric that allowed visitors to ‘walk on water’ from the lakeside village of Sulzano to the islands of Monte Isola and San Paolo. Fellow Bulgarian and documentary filmmaker Andrey Paounov was along for the ride, and what a wild and thoroughly entertaining ride it turned out to be!


‘Few artists deserve the moniker “maverick” as much as Christo, and few documentarists are as attuned to the intersection of visual delight and strong personality as Andrey Paounov… The artist’s forceful character does battle with technology, bureaucracy, corruption and the elements, resulting in an installation of stunning beauty and a documentary that delights in capturing the act of creation.’—Jay Weissberg, Variety

Director: Andrey Paounov, 105 min. English, Italian / Dutch subtitles

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