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Willem II straat 29, 5038 BA Tilburg

Christmas at Cinecitta


Cinecitta and the Ristobar present on Christmas day a lovely Christmas Dinner and beautiful films.

At this moment there are no tables available for the Christmas dinner. If you’d like we can place you on the waiting list, we’ll contact you if there is a opening. 

Welcome with bubbles
300 ° C kohlrabi
with creme of eggyolk and grated old goat cheese
Soup of pointed cabbage
with roasted almonds and coffee 
Wild boar
with mushrooms tartelette, paddenstoelentartelette, elderberry and  en parsnip
Chocolade chestnut cake
with parfait of beetroot and ginger, apple and date
Cheese from Kaaszaak
Coffee, tea
with bonbon

56,50 diner and film
49,50 diner without film

Film choice: Shoplifters, the Favourite, Colette

12.30 uur ontvangst, 12.45 uur aanvang diner, 16.00 aanvang film
17.00 uur ontvangst, 17.15 uur aanvang diner, 20.30 uur aanvang film

12.30 uur ontvangst, 12.45 uur aanvang diner, 16.00 aanvang film
17.30 uur ontvangst, 17.45 uur aanvang diner, 21.00 uur aanvang film
Reserveren: mail naar sascha@cinecitta.nl of bel 085-9022997

On Christmas Eve we programm as usual. 

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