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Ristobar Cinecitta

Before or after the film (starts at 12 am) you can enjoy nice dishes, many special beers and quality wines in our Ristobar. Even if you’re not going to the film, you’re always welcome to come in.

Menu & Drinks


Would you like to have dinner with a large group of people? That is possible! You can contact Marnick van Gessel via

We serve organic coffee from Puro (Veldhoven), tea from Theejoy (Tilburg) and our wines are from Wijnkoperij van Bilsen (Tilburg).

Our cooks only work with fresh products with which they make the tastiest things.

Are you going to a movie? Please let our waiters know.

Arrangements (3 dishes (chef’choice), 2 drinks and 1 film) by telephone or at the counter. Sunday to thursday 37.50 and friday & saturday 41.50. Telephone and info Ristobar: 085-9022997.

You can also buy an arrangement as a gift! Ask for our Film- and Ristobarbon.

Every tuesday and thursday: Food & Film. You can choose two summer dishes or one classic dish from our menu and a ticket for a film. € 23,50
Every monday: Eat & Sneak. Our chef will make a dish and our programmer will pick the film. € 18,50
Daily: Lunch & Film for € 14,50
(the tickets named above are only available for reservation through the telephone or at our counter.)

Cinecitta and Ristobar except only debit card payments.

Jazz and dinner
Cinecitta and Paradox will serve a free drink!
Do you have a reservation for a performance at Paradox? Cineciita offers a free drink while dining. Paradox offers a free drink by showing your Ristobar receipt.