The movie

Grutto! De Reis van onze Nationale Vogel

The godwit has the leading role in the latest nature documentary by golden calf winner Ruben Smit (known from WAD and the New Wilderness). The gorceous wader and national bird tells the magisterial story of how to survive on his journey around the world on his way to his breeding ground in the Netherlands.

Length: 97 min
Country: Nederland
Language spoken: Nederlands
Language subtitles: Nederlands
Director: Ruben Smit
Release date: 07/07/2022


The godwit is actually the Dutch 'polder panda'; our national bird living in our meadows. . The typical Dutch image of the perky wader in the flowery meadows of our polders is rapidly disappearing from our country. How is that possible? And what does that say about our landscape? This intimate and impressive documentary by Ruben Smit shows how the bird tries to survive in a constantly changing world.