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About this movie

Peter Farrelly—one half of the brotherly duo responsible for such goofy, gross-out comedies as Dumb and Dumber and There’s Something About Mary—reverses course 180 degrees with this seriocomic period piece that is both moving and funny by turns. It is 1962 New York, and erudite African-American classical pianist Dr Don Shirley (Moonlight’s Mahershala Ali) is about to embark on a concert tour that will take him into the heart of the racist South. Enter Tony ‘the Lip’ Vallelonga (Viggo Mortensen), a tough Italian-American bouncer who takes on the job of Shirley’s driver—and protector… Both Mortensen and Ali shine in this odd-couple pairing, and Farrelly’s sensitive direction shows that, despite being set almost 60 years ago, Green Book (the title refers to a guide to venues in the South that were safe for African-Americans) has much to say about the America of here and now. The film won the Audience Award for most popular film at the 2018 Toronto International Film Frestival.

‘A touching and meaningful look at race and class in America… and a throwback to another era of Hollywood filmmaking, resurrected in the 21st century with two of the best actors working today… Farrelly tackles the material with a confidence that makes each beat count… [and] cinematographer Sean Porter… excels at capturing middle America as a rich tapestry of smoky bars and empty lots.’—Eric Kohn, IndieWire

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