Arthouse films have screened at 29 Willem II Street in Tilburg for over a hundred years via travelling companies and cinemas such as De Nieuwe Bioscoop, Cinema Royal, Camera, Ambassade, and — since 1983 — Cinecitta. Cinecitta has always been a strong supporter of art-house films, and we show gems from all over the world that often overshadow regular Hollywood releases. No blockbusters, but special films for people who do not go along with the crowd.

In 2012, the first major renovation of ‘our’ national monument took place.

After our latest renovation in 2020 added two new cinemas and a glassed-in atrium, there are now five cinemas, a multipurpose hall, a stylish meeting room, a restaurant, and a bar for film and culture lovers. It is, in short, a unique venue for Tilburg in both its design and monumental appearance. What has not changed is the programming of quality films, the unique Cinecitta atmosphere, and the name Cinecitta, which refers to the large film studio in Rome.

Staff members at Cinecitta

• Marnick van Gessel •

Venue hire
Nettie Verhagen

Head of Film
• Jasper Naaijkens •

Film Programmer
• Francisca Retel Helmrich •
• Sam Simons •

Film Operator / Tech
• Lisa Ooijevaar •
 Sam Baselmans

Communication & PR
 Hendrik Graumans