Contact Cinecitta

Box Office
For questions about Cinecitta or to reserve tickets, please call: 085-9022996.

The Ristobar
For questions about the Ristobar or to reserve a table, please call: 085-9022997.


Our bar serves every day delicious coffee, pie and drinks. Lunch is served from 11.00 to 4.30 pm.

Other questions

If you have any questions, please contact the Cinecitta ticket desk by telephone. We can be reached at the following telephone number: 085-9022996. You can also send an email to

What are the opening hours?

The cinema and bar are open everyday from 10.30 until 17.00.

Our ticket office is open daily from 10.30 to 17.00. You can buy tickets for all performances. You can also stop by to buy a gift voucher.

Is Cinecitta wheelchair friendly?

Cinecitta and the Ristobar are both completely wheelchair friendly. In rooms 1, 5 and 6 you can remain seated in your wheelchair, in rooms 3 and 4 you must take a seat. Mobility scooters are not allowed in the halls. Cinecitta has a wheelchair available.

What are the payment options?

With us it is only possible to pay with pin or contactless payment.

Does Cinecitta sell gift vouchers?

Cinecitta and the Ristobar have their own gift voucher: The Film and Ristobar-voucher. The voucher is handwritten and packed in a nice envelope. You can use it for film as well as for the bar and restaurant. The voucher is valid indefinitely (if provided legible and completely intact).

Does Cinecitta have a discount card?

As a regular Cinecitta visitor, Cinecitta has the strippenkaart for you. It allows you to watch 6 films for the price of 5! Available at the ticket desk for € 51.25. Valid every day except on Friday evening and Saturday evening from 6.00pm.