About the opening night

This edition of TIAFF opens with a lecture by Ellen de Vries followed by the film Light Snatcher (Charlotte Airas).

Ellen de Vries is a lighting designer and founder of Het Lux Lab. Ellen works a lot in public space and considers light an “immaterial building material. ‘I make sure that through lighting you see more, get more sense of the characteristic features of a building or a place.’


Light Snatcher I Charlotte Airas-Ehrnrooth | 30 min | Finnish/English, English subtitles | Documentary

Only light can dispel darkness. Juha Leivisk√§ is one of Finland’s most successful contemporary architects. Light Snatcher explores the intricate play of natural light in his architecture. Light plays with buildings, space and people. Mystical, rippling, influential light formed from reflections. It is like reverberation in music. Indeed, light waves behave like sound waves.

Dutch premiere.

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