Cinecitta is celebrating and of course it has to be big!

Cinecitta is celebrating and it promises to be grand! Cinecitta reopened in 2014 after a huge renovation and reconstruction that lasted nearly two years. We want to celebrate this lustrum in August with many events focused on film, food, and experiences. One of the many specials is Fish/Meat vs. Vegetarian Tasting.

Fish/Meat vs. Vegetarian Tasting – Wednesday, August 21st, 6:30 PM

Are you that conscious eater who strictly consumes meat or fish only once a week? Or perhaps you’re the person who believes there should be a piece of meat on your plate every night? For everyone curious about the endless possibilities of vegetarian cuisine, and for those who think they can immediately taste which dishes are prepared with meat and which with vegetarian ingredients, we present the Fish/Meat VS Veg tasting.

Our chef Luuk Broos gladly takes on the challenge of Fish/Meat VS Vegetarian with you. On Wednesday, August 21st, he will serve five vegetarian dishes and five comparable meat or fish dishes. It’s up to you to smell, taste, and explore the differences between the dishes. After each course, our chef will (explain in Dutch) reveal whether you’ve had meat/fish or vegetarian. Will you come and taste it?

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