10 years Cinecitta

Cinecitta is celebrating and it promises to be grand!

Cinecitta is celebrating and it promises to be grand! Cinecitta reopened in 2014 after a huge renovation and reconstruction that lasted nearly two years. We want to celebrate this lustrum in August with many events focused on film, food, and experiences. One of the many specials is the Movie classic with experience: City of God. The film will be screened with English subtitles.

City of God – Thursday August 15th at 9:00 PM – With introduction famous journalist and Tequila Sunrise cocktail

Life in a violent Rio de Janeiro favela through the eyes of a young photographer. This modern Brazilian classic explodes with passion, colour and visual magic. New, digital remaster. City of God (Cicade de Deus) returns for one time to the big screen at Cinecitta.

Alexander Zwart journalist for the best-known and most popular film magazine in the Netherlands, De Filmkrant, will give an introduction in English to the film, using many visual images. Each visitor will also receive a refreshing Tequila Sunrise Cocktail.

City of Gods returns one time to cinemas 20 years after it’s Dutch premiere, in a new, digital remaster. Buscapé is a poor, black and very sensitive young man who grows up in a universe of violence. He lives in Cidade de Deus, a Rio de Janeiro favela known for being one of the most violent places in the city. Frightened by the possibility of becoming a criminal, he ends up being saved from his fate because of his talent as a photographer, which allows him to pursue a career. It’s through his work behind the camera that Buscapé analyses the day-to-day life of the favela where he lives, where violence appears infinite.

An essential arthouse staple of the naughts, Fernando Meirelles and Kátia Lund’s epic of favela life crackles with passion, violence, color and visual wizardry. De film was shot on a combination of 16mm, 35mm and digital. Brazil’s submission to the Oscars primarily employs amateur actors, who light up scenes of relentless violence and restless flight.

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