TIAFF is Tilburg’s annual architectural film festival. TIAFF programs documentaries, animation and experimental films and aims to contribute to awareness and debate on the quality of our daily living environment through films and lectures.

The program is structured around an annually changing theme. To highlight the chosen theme, TIAFF screens films from countries around the world. And thus offers the unique opportunity to see inspiring and often little-seen films.

As a visitor to the festival, you will enjoy the program of film screenings, lectures and discussions at Cinecitta. In between you can drink and eat in the Ristobar and the foyer offers plenty of space for conversations with friends and other visitors.

The format of the festival, the location and the program offered make TIAFF an enjoyable festival accessible to a wide audience.

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 How does water shape us and how do we shape water? That is the central theme in this documentary by Canadian director Jennifer Baichwal and photographer Edward Burtynsky. They capture the haunting beauty of water in a poetic journey through ten countries, all characterized by their relationship with water.

Film with a lecture by product designer Anouk van der Poll


Utopia Revisited

The limitations of capitalism are visible every day, but is there a new ideal? Kurt Langbein asks this question in his film Utopia Revisited. He finds inspiration in different parts of the world that assume solidarity, sharing instead of owning and cooperation as carriers for greater equality among people and the preservation of a healthy planet.

Film with an introduction by Jannemarie de Jonge and Wouter Veldhuis


Taming the Garden

Georgia’s former prime minister has found a unique hobby. He collects century-old trees, some as tall as 15-floor buildings, from communities along the Georgian coast. At a great expense and inconvenience, these ancient giants are uprooted from their lands to be transporten over sea and transplanted in his private garden.

Film with an introduction by Jannemarie de Jonge


Spaceship Earth

Spaceship Earth is the true, stranger-than-fiction, adventure of eight visionaries who in 1991 spent two years quarantined inside of a self-engineered replica of Earth’s ecosystem called BIOSPHERE 2. The experiment was a worldwide phenomenon, chronicling daily existence in the face of life threatening ecological disaster and a growing criticism that it was nothing more than a cult. The bizarre story shows the vulnerability of our planet, but also the potential of imagination to explore new futures.


Richard Leplastrier: Framing the View

The Australian architect Richard Leplastrier is worldwide renowned for the small, wooden houses he designs. He developed his preference for pure and simple architecture during a long stay as a student in Japan. He lives according to his own design principles in the very original, wooden ‘camping villa’ located on the water. The documentary was filmed over a period of 15 years and follows his architectural development as well as his family life. A powerful portrait of a pioneering figure in Australian architecture.


Reflection, a Walk with Water & Nat Land

Anywhere life exists, in any form, water plays an essential role in the ecosystem. This documentary makes the compelling argument that society has lost touch with the crucial place water occupies in the environment. Taking a several-hundred-mile trek on foot along the Los Angeles Aqueduct, Brennan joins like-minded activists on a mission meant to raise awareness about California’s water crisis. California’s water misuse is leading to water shortages and has left many areas vulnerable to massive wildfires.

The project ‘Nat Land’ consists of a stop-motion film and two objects that illustrate the story of a person in the Netherlands adapting to climate change.

Film with an introduction by filmmaker Max Degen and his short film Nat Water



In the summer of 2021, an exceptional heat wave will lead to massive forest fires. around Shologon (Siberia). The village is located on the edge of the Control Zone, the official term in Russian law for remote or sparsely populated areas where authorities are not obligated to fight wildfires if the cost of extinguishing them exceeds the estimated damage. Left to their own devices, the residents join forces.

Film with a lecture by landcape architect Hanna Prinssen


Light Snatcher & Il Girasole

Light Snatcher
Only light can drive out darkness. Juha Leiviskä is one of the most successful contemporary Finnish architects. Light Snatcher investigates the intricate play of natural light in his architecture. Dutch premiere.

Light plays with buildings, space and people. Mystic, rippling, influential light forms from reflections. It’s like reverberation in music. Light waves indeed act like sound waves.

Dutch premiere

Il Girasole

Tilburg is not the only city with a revolving house! The Futurist dream of architecture in motion became reality in 1935 in this house by architect Angelo Invernizzi that was built close to Verona. It could turn 360 degrees with the sun. An amazing project told in a moving way in this short cinematic jewel.

Film combination with an English spoken lecture by light artists ‘Children Of The Light’ and film ‘Light Snatcher’.



A film about modern Japanese architecture, its roots in the Japanese tradition and its impact on the Nordic building-tradition. KOCHUU tells us how contemporary Japanese architects strive to unite the ways of modern man with the old philosophies in astounding constructions. Interviews with, and works by, Japanese architects Tadao Ando, Kisho Kurokawa, Toyo Ito and Kazuo Shinohara and Scandinavian architects Sverre Fehn, Kristian Gullichsen and Juhani Pallasmaa.


Geografies of Freedom

The freedom of one comes at the expense of the freedom of the other. This central idea forms the basis of the research project on freedom concepts of which this film is a part of. Through archive footage, the film examines the transformation that Curaçao has undergone since the arrival of the oil refineries of Shell. It poignantly shows the tension between different ideas about freedom and its spatial dimension, in the context of postcolonialism and neoliberalism.



Several billion tons of earth are moved annually by humans – with shovels, excavators and dynamite. ‘Earth’ observes people, in mines, quarries and large construction sites, engaged in a constant struggle to take possession of the planet. What tectonic plates, wind, water and other natural forces have built up over millions of years, humanity is breaking down in just a few decades. Nikolaus Geyrhalter has captured that fact in a documentary that cannot leave you unmoved.

Film with a lecture by landscape architect Charlotte van der Woude


Didi Contractor

For the past two decades Didi Contractor (1929-2021) has been passionately implementing her architectural visions in North West of India, combining rural traditions with modern requirements. This poetic documentary introduces us to her creations – houses built from clay, bamboo, slate and river stone, constructed in tribute to their natural surroundings.

Film with a lecture by BC Architects and Studies


Charm City

On the streets of Baltimore, shooting is rampant, the murder rate is approaching an all-time high and the distrust of the police is at a fever pitch. With nerves frayed and neighborhoods in distress, dedicated community leaders, compassionate law-enforcement officers and a progressive young city councilman try to stem the epidemic of violence. The film shows a story about the fight for public space: the street. Community leaders and citizens make an attempt to bring safety back into society from the street, the place where people talk to each other and take responsibility for each other.

Film with an introduction by Wouter Veldhuis


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