TIAFF Frames: Future of the Commons


Public debate guided by Lucas de Man

In cooperation with the Board of Government Advisors

The Board of Government Advisors, together with the Tilburg Architecture Film Festival, is organising ‘TIAFF Frames: Future of the Commons’, a public debate on commons. Lucas de Man will lead the debate on the rise of cooperatives and civic initiatives as part of the path towards a more sustainable and fairer living environment. 

More and more people are organising collectives to contribute to solutions for climate change, energy supply, the housing shortage, the ageing population and agriculture. We need to work together. But can we work together in an individualistic society? Can we see land, food, energy, housing and nature as commons rather than commodities? And what will our future living environment look like?


Then come along on Saturday 15 April at 15.30-16.30 at movie theatre Cinecitta in Tilburg. Throughout the day, TIAFF offers a special programme line on commons with films chosen by the Board of Government Advisors. Admission to TIAFF Frames is free, but reservations are required.

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