The movie

The Fourth Wall

A mind-blowing sci-fi tale about a young woman who accesses three separate realities reflecting the three different lives she is living in parallel...

Length: 96 min
Country: China
Language spoken: Chinese
Language subtitles: English
Cast: Liu Lu, Wang Ziyi
Director: Zhang Bo, Zhang Chong
Release date: 2019


Where to start with this mind-blowing sci-fi/ghost story combo…? We’ve all heard of a ‘sliding doors moment’—where a seemingly inconsequential act drastically affects the future (see the films 'Run Lola Run', 'Blind Chance', or, for that matter, 'Sliding Doors')—but directors Zhang Chong and Zhang Bo take things a step further by having three parallel realities impinge on one another! Liu Lu is leading a dreary life working at a deer-breeding farm and fighting off the affections of her friend since childhood Ma Hai. She seems particularly self-conscious about the vivid scar on her face. One New Year’s Eve, Ma Hai confesses that he knows another Liu Lu and another Ma Hai in a parallel world—and then he offers to take her there, so she can see (herself) for herself… If you liked 'Sicilian Ghost Story' at last year’s 013 CIFF, this stylishly made psychological mindbender—winner of the award for best first or second feature at the Cairo IFF—this should be right up your alley!