The movie

Der Fall Collini

Length: 123 min
Country: Duitsland
Language spoken: Duits, Italiaans
Language subtitles: Nederlands
Cast: Franco Nero, Elyas M'Barek, Alexandra Maria Lara, Stefano Cassetti
Director: Marco Kreuzpaintner
Release date: 2020-07-16


The aged and grizzled Fabrizio Collini (the welcome return of legend Franco Nero) enters a German luxury hotel, murders elderly industrialist Hans Meyer (Manfred Zapatka), and promptly confesses to the police. Soon we are ensnared in a complex criminal case that has its roots in Nazi atrocities during WWII… Director Marco Kreuzpaintner skilfully adapts Ferdinand von Schirach’s international bestseller, written in part to exorcise the demons in von Schirach’s own background—his grandfather, Baldur von Schirach, was the head of the Hitler Youth… ‘A seamlessly crafted thriller with exemplary performances all round, The Collini Case [the English title]… will delight fans of the crime mystery genre. It’s beautifully shot, with cinematography by Jakub Bejnarowicz that really brings the locations to life, and Matz Müller’s sound design keeps the mood perfectly balanced in combination with some particularly impressive work where musical elements overlap… Shortlisted for Germany’s Oscar submission, this is a film that oozes quality yet never makes the mistake of hiding behind its technical excellence. It has something to say, and says it well.—Jennie Kermode, Eye for Film