The movie


Divorced Neige finds herself in an identity crisis and goes in search of her DNA.

Length: 90 min
Country: France
Language spoken: French, Arabic
Language subtitles: Dutch
Cast: Maïwenn, Omar Marwan, Fanny Ardant, Louis Garrel, Dylan Robert, Alain Françon, Marine Vacth, Caroline Chaniolleau
Director: Maïwenn
Release date: 24/06/2021


Neige (writer/director Maïwenn), a divorced mother of three, regularly visits her Algerian grandfather, Emir (Omar Marwan), who now lives in a retirement home. Emir raised her as a child and protected her from her difficult home situation. When Emir dies, the extended family doesn’t exactly pull together: major family quarrels and general chaos result in a deep identity crisis for Neige, who grows more determined than ever to get to know her DNA better… Maïwenn—whose ‘Polisse’ captured the Prix du jury at Cannes in 2011—is a singular presence on the French film scene; ‘DNA’ is perhaps her most singular work to date.

‘Not unlike John Cassavetes, [Maïwenn] has a knack for distilling the messiness of our lives on screen, using a half-dozen or more actors, often simultaneously, to channel her intentions through group scenes of people talking, shouting, crying and joking. At its best moments, “DNA” conveys that Cassavetes vibe with its many fits of well-performed controlled chaos…’—Jordan Mintzer, Hollywood Reporter