The movie

Astolfo (English Subtitles)

Astolfo makes a brave step and learns delightedly that it's never too late to fall in love.

Length: 97 min
Country: Italy
Language spoken: Italian
Language subtitles: English
Cast: Gianni Di Gregorio, Stefania Sandrelli, Alfonso Santagata, Gigio Morra, Simone Colombari
Director: Gianni Di Gregorio
Release date: 13/07/2023


Italian director Gianni Di Gregorio is back with his new film ‘Astolfo’, a summery romantic comedy. Kind-hearted Astolfo (played by the director), a retired professor who has been evicted from his Roman apartment, decides to take up residence in an old noble but dilapidated palace, the last remnant of his family estate in a remote village in Abruzzo. He hasn't been there for decades. Upon arrival, it turns out that a tramp lives there and Astolfo decides that he can continue to live with him. But it doesn't stop there, because soon the duo is joined by a retired chef and a young handyman, and the four of them cook and play games. When his cousin comes over and introduces him to Stefania, a charming and generous woman his own age, Astolfo quickly falls in love and struggles with his feelings. Encouraged by his loyal group, Astolfo takes a bold step and learns that it's never too late for love…

‘Di Gregorio has churned out a brilliant comedy with no shortage of hilarious scenes… Tenderness and candour are plentiful too. These two protagonists take us back to being children, and a fleeting look, an embarrassed silence, or an unexpected thirty-two-toothed smile turn into moments of shared joy… In sum… everything is made with measure, and it’s involving and entertaining.’—Davide Abbatescianni, Cineuropa