The movie


A family straining to care for their bedridden patriarch is offered a diabolical deal: to put their elder to rest and host an Argentinian drug kingpin in need of a place to hide.

Length: 107 min
Country: Brazilië
Language spoken: Spaans, Portugees
Language subtitles: Nederlands
Cast: César Bordón, Maeve Jinkins, Rômulo Braga
Director: Carolina Markowicz
Release date: 21/05/2024


In São Paulo's remote countryside, a rural peasant family faces daily struggles. Fate brings them a proposal to host a mysterious stranger in their home, keeping him from the neighbors' prying eyes. The family home, situated beside a charcoal factory, transforms into a hideout for highly-wanted drug lord. Mother, husband and son struggle to keep up appearances with the neighbors and maintain their daily routine while facing the temptations of their improved finances. Eventually they want out, but how to get out is another matter. Charcoal provides an intimate view of a peasant family's life turned upside down and inside out in a very dark comedy of the absurd.