The movie

Eng L’Ultima Notte di Amore

A police lieutenant named Franco Amore on the night before his retirement is called to investigate a crime scene where his best friend and long-time partner Dino has been killed during a diamond heist.

Length: 124 min
Country: Italië
Language spoken: Italiaans
Language subtitles: Nederlands
Cast: Pierfrancesco Favino, Linda Caridi, Antonio Gerardi, Francesca Di Leva
Director: Andrea Di Stefano
Release date: 2023-08-10


Franco Amore is busy with his farewell speech—after 35 years with the police in Milan, tonight is his last shift. Fortunately, in his long career, he writes, he never had to use his service weapon and always managed to stay out of trouble. But what he doesn't know is that this night will be the most special and challenging of his life. Everything he cares about is at stake: his role as a loyal servant of the state, his unconditional love for his wife Viviana, his inseparable friendship with his buddy and colleague Dino, and even his own life… ‘Di Stefano… directs this thriller/drama with a steady pulse, succeeding in conveying the right amount of suspense and subterranean tension, and with a good narrative rhythm… Favino's acting talents are well known, and to note here in particular is the performance of Linda Caridi, who gracefully… brings to life a very complex and multifaceted female character.’—Vittoria Scarpa, Cineuropa