The movie

Nostalgia (English Subs)

After 40 years of absence, Felice returns to his hometown: Naples. He rediscovers the places, the codes of the city and a past that eats away at him.

Length: 118 min
Country: Frankrijk, Italië
Language spoken: Italiaans
Language subtitles: Nederlands
Director: Mario Martone
Release date: 09/02/2023


When, after 40 years away, businessman Felice (a very convincing Pierfrancesco Favino) returns to his hometown of Naples to visit his aging mother, he rediscovers a city filled with its own rules and customs, but also full of memories that still haunt him. Despite the local priest urging him to put his past to rest, Felice visits his childhood friend Oreste, now a feared mafia boss…

‘“Nostalgia” is tremendously shot, and terrifically acted by Favino. It challenges the idea of “nostalgia” as broadcast in the title: it isn’t simply that nostalgia is delusional, or that the past wasn’t as great as it appears when viewed through rose-tinted spectacles. It is that there is no past and present. Naples then and Naples now are the same—and for Felice his fears and loves never really went away or even changed that much. A strong, deeply felt, valuable movie.’—Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian