The movie

Eureka (Previously Unreleased)

Murphy searches for his daughter after she is kidnapped by the outlaw Randall.

Length: 147 min
Country: Argentiniƫ, Duitsland, Frankrijk, Mexico, Nederland, Portugal
Language spoken: Engels, Portugees, Chatino
Language subtitles: Nederlands
Cast: Viggo Mortensen, Chiara Mastroianni, Maria Medeiros
Director: Lisandro Alonso
Release date: 2024-07-18


The movie starts off black and white with Viggo Mortensen dropped off in the middle of the Extremely Wild West by a sulky lady on a cart delivering a child's coffin. Little do we know we are at the beginning of a hypnotic trip full of enigmas and feathers, where at one moment everything feels very real and fleshy to say the least, and at next, a huge red-necked stork appears and transfers us back in time again, to a Brazilian selva, where we're listening to yellow-armed dreams. Gold will be washed and the bird will return making someone else disappear. Eureka!