The movie

Los Reyes Del Mundo

Follows five young men and about the marginalized, excluded humanity who seeks a place in the world.

Length: 111 min
Country: Colombia
Language spoken: Spanish
Language subtitles: Dutch
Cast: Carlos Andrés Castañeda, Davison Florez, Brahian Acevedo
Director: Laura Mora Ortega
Release date: 15/08/2024


Rá, Culebro, Sere, Winny and Nano live on the streets of Medellín. The five children no longer have any contact with their families. They form a kind of fraternal clan in which they have to make their way in a parallel world without laws. In doing so, they uphold ideals such as friendship and dignity, but also display disobedience and resistance. In a dangerous journey between delirium and nothingness, the group leaves the city and enters the depths of the Colombian interior. There they hope to find a piece of land that Rá inherited from her late grandmother. Like thousands of other Colombians, she was once violently expelled by paramilitaries. After his death, Rá received the \"promised land\" through a government restitution program. The boys make friends that help them advance but also warn them of the dangers of their company. They also meet sex workers who provide them with short-term maternity care