The movie

New Order

In this riveting, suspenseful dystopian drama, a lavish upper-class wedding goes awry in an unexpected uprising of class warfare that gives way to a violent coup d’état.

Length: 86 min
Country: France, Mexico
Language spoken: Spanish
Language subtitles: Dutch
Cast: Naian González Norvind, Fernando Cuautle,Diego Boneta,Samantha Yazareth Anaya
Director: Michel Franco
Release date: 2020


A dystopian shock drama of the highest order, Michel Franco’s warning shot of what the future holds will leave you shaken to the core. In Mexico City, protests are taking place while Marianne's (Naian González Norvind ) wealthy family prepares for her wedding. Rebels slowly penetrate the fenced villa and the evening degenerates into a total coup. Within days, an apparently balanced society tilts. Insurgents and the military take control. The class struggle becomes a brutal reign of terror, and the country descends into chaos…

‘“New Order” is made with confrontational severity and technique; like, say, Michael Haneke’s “Funny Games” or Bertrand Bonello’s “Nocturama”, we are certainly not offered the essentially risk-free entertainment of a thriller. This is a brutality that we have no choice but to live through… It is a warning of what inequality can cause in the future and what it is effectively causing right now. Perhaps there is something nihilistic here, but “New Order” very effectively persuades you that a real-life revolution might well be every bit as ugly, horrifying and un-Hollywood as this shows—and that it is on the way.’—Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian