The movie

Nice Ladies

A team of ageing Ukrainian cheerleaders hold on to their friendship as each navigates the trauma of war in her own way.

Length: 92 min
Country: Nederland, Oekraïne
Language spoken: Oekraïens
Language subtitles: Nederlands
Director: Mariia Ponomarova
Release date: 2024-06-13


With the escalation of Russia's war on Ukraine, the seemingly unbreakable bond of a vibrant cheerleading team of 50+ year old women called \"Nice Ladies\" is challenged. They face impossible choices between motherland and grandmotherhood, between staying and leaving. Core team member Sveta flees with her family to the Netherlands, while captain Valia and coach Nadia stay behind in the repeatedly bombed city of Kharkiv. Torn apart, the ladies try to keep contact to hold on to their sanity amid terror, heartbreak, and the plague of Sveta's survivor's guilt. Will the team be able to reunite, save their sisterhood, and find a common language through the emerging scars of war.

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