The movie


Burly but loving family man Pamfir must do one last smuggling run to Romania to do right by a wronged local crime boss… ‘Savagely cinematic, charged with feral energy… It’s a bold, arresting debut... Highly recommended.’—The Guardian

Length: 106 min
Country: Chili, Frankrijk, Oekraïne, Polen
Language spoken: Ukrainian
Language subtitles: English
Cast: Oleksandr Yatsentyuk, Stanislav Potyak, Solomiya Kyrylova, Olena Khokhlatkina, Myroslav Makoviychuk
Director: Dmytro Sukholytkyy-Sobchuk
Release date: 17/10/2023


These screenings are with English subtitles

Western Ukraine, on the eve of a traditional carnival. Pamfir (a wonderfully intense performance from Oleksandr Yatsentyuk) returns to his family after months working abroad. They are a close and loving group, so when his only child starts a fire in the prayer house, Pamfir has no other choice but to reconnect with his troubled past to make things right with the local crime boss. He decides to take one last smuggling job across the border to Romania—and the results will alter the lives of all involved…

‘Savagely cinematic, charged with feral energy and exploring a story that dances between muddy realism and a mythic, quasi-magical abandon… It’s a bold, arresting debut from writer-director Dmytro Sukholytkyy-Sobchuk, who balances muscular, crime-thriller tropes against moments of striking, unsettling beauty, tension and urgency against knottily complex character development. Highly recommended.’—Wendy Ide, The Guardian