The movie

Paolo Conte, It’s Wonderful

The documentary biopic that Paolo Conte richly deserves, a love letter to a man loved by all who know him.

Length: 101 min
Country: Italy
Language spoken: Italian, English
Language subtitles: Dutch
Cast: Paolo Conte (Zichzelf), Jane Birkin (Zichzelf), Roberto Benigni (Zichzelf)
Director: Giorgo Verdelli
Release date: 08/08/2021


The music of legendary Italian singer-songwriter Paolo Conte, still going strong at 84, has charmed millions around the world over the last half-century, and now he gets the documentary biopic that he richly deserves, a love letter to a man loved by all who know him. Conte collaborates to great effect with director Giorgio Verdelli, while his friends—including Jane Birkin and Roberto Benigni—chime in to sing his praises. But, above all, there is the music, here shown via archival footage of many of his most memorable performances. This is pure pleasure, plain and simple.

‘A delectable detour taking in the musical life of a huge talent. It’s a must-see for fans and might also arouse the interest of those less familiar with this gentleman par excellence, whose charm rivals that of Marcello Mastroianni… Paolo Conte’s musicality flows freely through footage filmed at concerts, held in the most revered music venues: Paris’ Olympia, Naples’ San Carlo Theatre, the Verona Arena, the Royal Theatre Carré in Amsterdam, Paris’ Theatre de la Ville, Rome’s Terme di Caracalla… [The film is] an amalgam that envelops the viewer like a pair of silk pyjamas.’—Camillo De Marco, Cineuropa