The movie

Remember to Blink

A French couple adopt a pair of siblings from Lithuania, and then hire a young Lithuanian woman as a go-between/translator. Soon the mother and the nanny are locked in a power struggle over the control of the children…

Length: 110 min
Country: Litouwen
Language spoken: French, Lithuanian
Language subtitles: English
Cast: Dovile Kundrotaite, Anne Azoulay, Arthur Igual, Inesa Sionova, Ajus Antanavicius
Director: Austėja Urbaitė
Release date: 2022


These screenings are with English subtitles

French couple Jacqueline and Leon (Anne Azoulay and Arthur Igual) adopt a pair of siblings from Lithuania. Since the children do not understand French, the couple hires a 20-year-old Lithuanian woman, Gabriele (Dovile Kundrotaite), to help as a translator. Gabi is supposed to be nothing more than a mediator for the family, but her role starts to change when Gabi finds a new, strange power in her growing influence over the kids…

Austėja Urbaitė’s first feature is rather remarkable: it's a strong psychological drama, perfectly controlled on the directorial front, beautifully acted (the two kids are fabulously natural, and the adults equally good), and magnificently set in a spectacular mountain location near Lucca, Italy, which is gorgeously photographed. ‘A sinewy debut, with Urbaité unafraid of twisting emotions this way and that to reveal some unpalatable truths about the nature of adult relationships.’—Amber Wilkinson, EyeForFilm