The movie


The story of the first bearded lady attraction.

Length: 115 min
Country: België, Frankrijk
Language spoken: Frans
Language subtitles: Nederlands
Cast: Nadia Tereszkiewicz, Benoît Magimel.
Director: Stéphanie Di Giusto
Release date: 11/07/2024


In 1870s France, Rosalie is a young woman unlike any other, she hides a secret. She was born with a face and body covered in hair. She is a genuine bearded lady, but she doesn't want to become a common freak-show. She's concealed her peculiarity all her life to stay safe, shaving to fit in. Until Abel, an indebted bar owner unaware of her secret, marries her for her dowry. Rosalie's only wish is to be truly seen as the woman she is despite a difference she no longer wishes to hide. But will Abel be able to love her once he finds out the truth?