The movie

Sometimes I Think About Dying

Fran, who likes to think about dying, makes the new guy at work laugh, which leads to dating and more. Now the only thing standing in their way is Fran herself.

Length: 91 min
Country: Verenigde Staten
Language spoken: Engels
Language subtitles: Nederlands
Cast: Daisy Ridley, Dave Merheje, Parvesh Cheena
Director: Rachel Lambert
Release date: 2024-07-18


Fran is the sort of person neighbors would describe to reporters as quiet and kept to themselves after the discovery of a basement full of dead bodies. Robert is the guy people are just drawn to, a decent man who you feel has been a part of your friend group for years even though you just met him. In typical films, these two would have a meet cute and Fran would ultimately transform from a colorless caterpillar into a stunning butterfly. A happily ever after would follow. The End. But, thankfully, Sometimes I Think About Dying is anything but typical.