The movie

Spoiler Alert

The story of Michael Ausiello and Kit Cowan's relationship, which takes a tragic turn. Heartbreaking but at the same time funny.

Length: 112 min
Country: Verenigde Staten
Language spoken: Engels
Language subtitles: Nederlands
Cast: Jim Parsons, Sally Field, Ben Aldridge, Allegra Heart, Bill Irwin, Josh Pais, Nikki M. James, Bill Irwin, Jeffery Self
Director: Michael Showalter
Release date: 2022


Based on Michael Ausiello's true-life bestseller, Spoiler Alert is a heartwarming, funny and poignant film about the 14-year love affair between entertainment journalist Michael (Jim Parsons) and his partner, photographer Kit (Ben Aldridge). Through Kit, Michael gains a family he never knew as a child, from Kit's small-town parents (Sally Field and Bill Irwin) to their special circle of friends in Manhattan. Michael hopes his life will unfold like the plot of one of his favourite romantic comedies, but even he can't predict the twists and turns that will rock their relationship… ‘Director Michael Showalter (“The Eyes of Tammy Faye”) has assembled a stellar cast and guides them well. Parsons is one of the few actors who are just as interesting to watch when they’re listening as when they’re speaking; he is fully present in each moment… Ultimately, the movie tells a story about two lives: complicated, filled with both love and pain, but well and fully lived.’—Kristen Page-Kirby, The Washington Post