The movie

The Fabelmans

Growing up in post-World War II era Arizona, young Sammy Fabelman aspires to become a filmmaker as he reaches adolescence, but soon discovers a shattering family secret and explores how the power of films can help him see the truth.

Length: 151 min
Country: Verenigde Staten
Language spoken: Engels
Language subtitles: Nederlands
Cast: Michelle Williams, Seth Rogen, Paul Dano, Julia Butters, Gabriel LaBelle Judd Hirsch, Seth Rogen
Director: Steven Spielberg
Release date: 02/02/2023


Steven Spielberg's semi-autobiographical ‘The Fabelmans’ is a deeply personal portrait of young boy with a passion for movies growing up in post-World War II Arizona. Sammy Fabelman (Gabriel LaBelle) discovers his passion for film at a young age, much to the delight of his creative mother, Mitzi (four-time Academy Award® nominee Michelle Williams). Sammy's father (Paul Dano, ‘There Will Be Blood’), on the other hand, sees it more as a hobby. Over the years, Sammy captures his family's adventures and develops as a director of amateur films starring his sisters and friends. At 16, Sammy discovers a heartbreaking truth about his mother that changes the family dynamic forever…

‘For the entirety of his filmmaking life, Steven Spielberg, the great entertainer and box-office pulverizer, has been pouring himself into his movies… so it’s no surprise that there’s something familiar about his tender, autobiographical reverie, “The Fabelmans”… Few filmmakers are as reliably excellent at creating worlds that are like life yet different, at times wildly so, and that can evoke the heart-skipping thrill of being tossed in the air by trusted arms…’—Manohla Dargis, The New York Times


The Guardian
"'Spielberg’s lavish love letter to cinema' ”