The movie

The Truffle Hunters

A group of old men search for the world's most expensive ingredient: the white Alba truffle. They are eager to maintain their extraordinary lifestyle. It's an ode to a lifelong human passion.

Length: 84 min
Country: Italy
Language spoken: Italian
Language subtitles: Dutch
Director: Michael Dweck, Gregory Kershaw
Release date: 04/11/2021


In the mountains and forests of Piedmont, northern Italy, an unforgettable collection of elderly men and their beloved dogs engage in a long-practiced—and fast-dying—tradition: scouring the landscape, usually under cover of night for reasons of secrecy, in search of the elusive white Alba truffle, a delicacy that fetches exorbitant prices in the world of high-end restaurants. Directors Michael Dweck and Gregory Kershaw paint a delicious portrait of this eccentric and loveable community. Be prepared to be taken deep into a world both fascinating and moving.

‘Here’s a challenge: Watch the opening moments of “The Truffle Hunters” and try not to fall hard for the immediate flavours of joy it spreads. With a breathtaking Northern Italy setting that teases the five senses…this [is a] delectable nonfiction treat… It’s a complex picture that Dweck and Kershaw navigate with respect, curiosity and a sense of awe, managing to excavate the essence of a tight-knit, lovably atypical commune out of it.’—Tomris Laffly, Variety