The movie

Un p’tit truc en plus

To escape the police, a son and his father find refuge in a summer camp for young adults with disabilities, posing as a resident and his educator. The beginning of trouble and a wonderful human experience that will change them forever.

Length: 99 min
Country: France
Language spoken: French
Language subtitles: Dutch
Cast: Clovis Cornillac, Alice Belaïdi, Artus, Marc Riso
Director: Victor Artus Solaro
Release date: 01/08/2024


he story follows a father and his son on the run who hide in a colo for young adults with disabilities. They pretend to be a boarder and his educator, which leads to funny and moving moments.
The film perfectly mixes humor and drama, showing the challenges of people with disabilities without mockery. The actors, including Artus, Clovis Cornillac and Alice Belaïdi, are excellent and make the film touching.